Thursday, June 3, 2010

New York Beauty

I've been busy this week getting ready to teach a New York Beauty class on Saturday. I paper-pieced my quilt using needle-punched Golden Threads paper patterns (makes everything SOOO accurate) and someday maybe I'll put together a post illustrating the process. The class participants are going to complete four 8" blocks that can be finished as a 16" pillow or bag front or used as the start of a whole quilt. They'll be using kits with all the fabrics pre-cut (am I a great teacher or what??) in similar colors to this quilt top that I finished in 2009 - many Mary Engelbreit fabrics, accented by lots of black and white, red, yellow, royal blue, and (my personal favorite in this quilt) lime green! I particularly love the green flange on this...

I'll not kid you here - this quilt was pretty tedious to make, but I love how it turned out! It has been hanging in the LQS where I work for almost one year, and you'd think with all that time passing I'd have a plan ready for how to quilt it - but NO, I've got no idea. Gotta do a little research on that topic...

More exciting news on the Kaffe Quilt-Along front: Last week the photo of my Kaffe Paintbox Quilt was featured in an online newsletter at! Thanks to Lynne for the heads up! Another amazing quilt named "Chintzd Up Haze Kilim" made by Cathy at CabbageQuilts was also featured. The article contains a link that you can use to click over to Facebook and view all the lovely Kaffe quilts-in-progress posted by other Kaffe junkies :)

I guess that summer is officially here now that both my kiddos are done with school, so I'll be dusting off my "Julie, your Cruise Director" uniform and having tons of fun with them for several weeks to come. But mama's still got to have her sewing time to stay sane!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Your NYBeauty top is stunning!

    I was thrilled to see this today, as last weekend I pulled out a Karen Stone NYB paper pattern I've had for maybe 15 years. I'm thinking of finally making it, to dress up my entry hall. Your post and pic have encouraged me that NYB is the right choice!


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