Tuesday, October 26, 2010

applique project of the decade

My standard mode of operation is to have several projects going at once. But lately it feels like there are too many irons in the fire, even for me! Christmas gifts, pillows, new winter quilting classes... yikes! And then there is this big monster lurking in my sewing room:

I started this project earlier in the year knowing full well that it would take me YEARS to complete. The overall size is something like 50" x 60" made up of the center panel and four borders ALL needle-turn applique. But I do love those Piece o'Cake girls and their applique patterns :) This Tree of Life pattern is from their book Applique Outside the Lines.

I decided to go with a loopy floral white on white for the background - the idea of gathering fabric and piecing that background completely overwhelmed me (while hours and hours and hours of hand-sewing did not... go figure!) The most difficult part so far was enlarging the patterns. My only complaint about their patterns is that they don't print them already full size... are you listening, Piece o'Cake girls?

Here's a peek at my progress so far... red tulips, green leaves, and blue branches (see the little worm-to-be in there too?)...

Orange daisies and more blue branches...

It's a tortoise sort of project... slow and steady. But it makes me smile everytime I sit and pull it out of the bag because the bright colors and patterned fabrics are so cheerful :) So while I hope to pull off some project finishes here in the next few weeks, I know that this will not be one of them. And that's okay since it's sort of like reading a book you really enjoy - you want to keep going and find out how everything turns out, but at the same time you don't want it to end.

So Cathy, this is what I meant when I told you earlier that I was already up to my elbows in an applique project!

If you all would like to see some truly spectacular applique work, head over to the Glorious Applique website... now that's some dedication and amazing work :)


  1. Ahh but such a gorgeous applique project!!! I love any of the piece o cake girls patterns, they have such a fun colour sense. Yours is looking fabulous already (love the worm to be!!). And oh wow, don't the blue branches and orange flowers look great together? xo

  2. Oh Shelley, what a beautiful project! I would love to do one of these too - I love their designs. But too many projects on the go at the moment.... And my Joseph's Coat is going to take me the next decade!

  3. Hi, I just found your blog and see your most recent project. WOW! The colors you chose are super!! I look forward to watching your progress. I need to step it up bit and try something that that too. Well maybe next year.

    Happy Quilting
    Driving Miss Stacey

  4. I love Piece Of Cake designs yours is looking wonderful. It dosen't matter how long it takes, it's the journey not just the destination.


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