Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm just a left-brained girl at heart

This is what my fabric scraps looked like yesterday morning, before I saw this photo on flickr prompting me to make an easy and harmonious improvement to the situation.

And now after a trip to the magical land of Target, they look like this...

I scored the shoe organizer for $7.99, added some 3M Command sticky hooks (oh, how I wish I'd invented those products!), and presto-chango... organization! The bottomless paper bag of scraps is off the closet floor, and I can actually locate a yellow-green piece when blue-green piece just won't do.

* Note the ROYGBIV classification system, further sub-categorized into print ROYGBIV and batik ROYGBIV. I ♥ ROYGBIV organization. The left-brained part of me is very happy today :)


  1. This is brilliant! I totally need to organize my scraps, so I'm buying one of these TODAY. Thanks for the great idea.

  2. Do you cut your scraps into strips? They look so uniform. I hate to be thick but what is the 'I' for in roygbiv???

  3. This looks great just the ticket to be able to see whats what when looking for just the right colour - we don't have a target but I am sure another chain store here will have them I am off on a Bear Hunt of sorts to get an organiser ! Thank you

  4. OK, I found it, indigo, but at, and no, I didn't make that up, they don't use the I in refraction.

  5. GREAT idea! I love it and just wish I had a door in my studio on which to use it!


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