Monday, May 16, 2011

Mary and me

Mary Engelbreit is someone I'd like to know. I'd like to hang out with her, visit her studio, watch her work, and drink tea with her in the hopes that some of her artistic talent would rub off on me. I've always loved her illustrations and artwork. Some of it's kind of kitschy, but I find it charming and delightful.

Last week I scored a couple of decorative items at Hobby Lobby in the gardening section and brought them home to my house. As I was putting them in their proper places, I realized there are quite a few of her items here!

This is my new gardening flag. Initially I took a photo of it in the store thinking I would replicate it as a banner for my front door. But realistically speaking, how long would that take? Ten bucks later - instant gratification as a garden flag! (But the door banner idea is still on my no-end-in-sight "to make" list!)

This little metal sign is also designed for the garden, but it's just so at home in the sewing room (and it won't rust in here!). Laughter, stitches, Shakespeare, and Mary - perfect!!

My Mary-inspired New York Beauty quilt top has been finished for quite some time - probably two years. It was hanging at my LQS for quite a while when I was teaching a NYB workshop, and since then it's been packed away in a box :( It's one of my favorite things I've made, so this week I'm taking it to a long-arm quilter to be finished. Can't enjoy it while it's folded in a box, can I?

The inspiration for my quilt came from a New York Beauty workshop I took at the International Quilt Festival in 2009 in Chicago. The kits for this 16" finished block were included in the class, and I was thrilled when I arrived and all the fabrics were by Mary or Mary-esque :)

More stuff in my sewing room by Mary... a re-purposed pencil/tool caddy and pincushion.

And lastly, my most favorite Mary Engelbreit decoration - a garden sign and post that I painted at least 10 years ago. I found the pattern in one of her books at my local library (Mary Engelbreit Spring or Summer). The paint has been touched up once or twice and looks like it needs it again this year.

But it stays out all winter long just waiting for spring and some pretties like these to be planted with it...

Tonight will hopefully be our last frost in Northern Illinois, so I'll be planting these outside tomorrow!

Have a happy week :)


  1. Ooooo....your NYB is a stunner! I can't wait to see it when it's quilted...will you please show us?

    I love Mary too and although I don't decorate with any of her items, I still have a closet full of Home Companion magazines that I cannot part with. She has sooooo many good ideas!!

  2. I, too, love Mary. I have bits and pieces of her all over my house. Every year I have to have her calendar for my house. I am sure Mary would love your quilt. I know I do!


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