Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tree of Life decisions

I've finally decided on sashing and setting triangle fabrics for my Tree of Life quilt!

I wasn't planning on the whole thing feeling this "purple" but there you go. You just never quite know what's going to look best, and often (at least in my case) the whole project ends up much different than what you envisioned at the start.

All the fabrics are from Kaffe. My sashing is Paperweight in Purple, the cornerstones are Spots in Black, and the setting triangles are Jupiter in Purple. I particularly like how the Jupiter fabric looks a bit like tree bark :)

All the strips and cornerstones are cut and some are even sewn at this point. I haven't cut my triangles yet because I want to make sure I get the math absolutely correct on that the first time. I'll need to cut 2 large squares - around 24" - then cut those in half diagonally twice to yield four triangles per square. Getting that wrong would waste quite a bit of fabric, so I'm going to wait on that cutting until all the sashing and cornerstones are sewn.

It's been a productive week so far - the cold wind and snow have kept me from venturing out unless absolutely necessary. Yesterday I pieced the backs for two of my UFO quilts for delivery to the long-arm quilter on Thursday. Photos of those two quilt tops coming soon!


  1. This is absolutely beautiful !

    So traditional, and yet, so much your own, from using today's fabrics.


  2. I'd say that your decision making is spot on!

  3. Lovely. And wow, that "Jupiter" print is awesome here. Looks like an exotic and very colorful quartz or jasper.

  4. Wow - so nice to see this pattern in joyful colors! Will you be posting a photo of the full finished quilt?


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