Saturday, June 1, 2013

baby quilt for Joel, part 2

Just a few more snapshots of the quilting and binding that are now completed!!

Continuous, concentric squares - say that fast three times! I marked out the spacing for each square with a wash-out blue marker, but occasionally varied the number of squares within each space to mix it up a bit...

A shot from the back showing some quilted arcs. You can also see the bias-cut striped binding (because that's more fun than straight cut) and the circle print backing, both from Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane line. The binding is entirely machine sewn to make it more durable to stand up to lots of carrying around and washing :)

In all the sashing and borders I quilted these stacked triangles. So easy once you get into the rhythm...

My first attempt at a swirly scroll. They were so much easier to sew than they look! I did practice drawing them first, but seriously - not that hard...

And finally these pulleys. They kinda remind me of diaper pins which are not exactly mainstream anymore. Does that make them cool and retro?

This week I'll be writing a label for this quilt, and then it will be off to Joel's house!

Photos and instructions for all the quilting patterns I used in this post can be found in this book by Angela Walters (my new favorite machine quilting book!)

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