Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Field of Tulips top finished!

Hopefully this will hasten the arrival of spring here in the land of unrelenting snow and cold (aka Illinois). Maybe it's working already because just last week I saw tulip bunches for sale at my local Trader Joe's, and this week our temps are finally going to climb above freezing!

This is a big quilt at 75" x 94" - even bigger than twin sized. Without the borders it was measuring about 70" square, which is not a particularly useful size - too big to hang on the wall, yet too small for a bed. So I added some 3" finished borders of Kona Snow to each side and a row of these 3" finished squares on point to the top and bottom.

I learned a lot about side and corner setting triangles making this quilt top. Between the quilt center and the top and bottom borders, I've had lots of practice calculating, cutting, and sewing these triangles. I feel pretty confident that I could set almost any block on point now. Yay for learning and practicing new skills!

I'm searching in my stash for some suitable backing fabrics now. The binding will be that cherry red Kaffe fabric I was set on using somewhere in this quilt, but I'm not yet sure how I'll have it quilted - probably an all-over design. Any ideas?

I'm still plugging away in the evenings with the applique on the borders of my mom's quilt. Still on target for my May deadline!


  1. An adorable quilt. Can't help but feel happy looking at this.

  2. Nope, not a bit of advice, as you've taken these blocks far beyond any ideas I might have come up with. This is really pretty, and, yes, Springy ! I especially like the way you upsized it! Very clever !


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