Tuesday, July 28, 2015

slow sewing update

17 done, 15 to go...

I've passed the halfway point in making these hexagon flower garden blocks!  All of those background minutes spent waiting at doctors' offices and in front of the TV in the evenings have added up to great progress on this quilt.

It's still very much a long term project, but Kaffe, Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner, Juliana Horner, Denyse Schmidt, and Art Gallery are all providing me with bright, beautiful colors to build these flowers a handful of hexagons at a time.

My hexagon papers and fabrics will be joining me on a road trip in a couple of weeks as my family heads out for our summer vacation.

Maybe I'll try to work on the grey background patches during that trip.  There are oh-so-many of them needed, and I don't want to save them all until the end.

In my previous post I said I wasn't going to use a count to track my progress, but I couldn't resist!
  • Center Star Colored Hexagons completed: 151/151 (100%)
  • Flower Colored Hexagons completed: 323/608 (53%)
  • Grey Background Hexagons completed: 49/532 (9%)
  • Total Hexagons completed: 523/1291 (40.5%)
You can read more about the method I use to English Paper Piece (EPP) these hexagons and see the project pattern in this post.


  1. Beautiful! You always inspire me with your work.

  2. Whenever I see bright, happy hexagons like yours, it makes me want to haul my repro fabrics away to the nearest donation site. Your flowers are just beautiful!

  3. Love the rich colours in this one.

  4. So pretty! Look forward to seeing them come together with the background.


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