Friday, April 9, 2010

Peacock, Pain, and a Pillow Prize

We got home from our wonderful beach vacation last Saturday relaxed and happy. It was so good to get away to some sunshine and sand!

And since then it's been a very unusual week! On Wednesday morning I was vacuuming and just happened to look out the front window and see this guy walking through the front yard!! I quick threw down the vacuum and grabbed the camera and the phone and headed outside in my pj pants, slippers, and sweatshirt. Quite a sight, I'm sure! I followed this peacock down the street. He never stopped to look around, just kept on walkin'. As I was snapping photos I was also exclaiming to my husband on the phone, "THERE'S A PEACOCK IN THE FRONT YARD!" To which he replied, "are you SURE it's a peacock?" Yes, I think I know a peacock when I see one. I kept waiting for Marlin Perkins and Jim whats-his-name from Wild Kingdom to show up - heehee :) Anyway, I called animal control so he could get back home when his owners reported him missing. Hopefully he made it back home.
And Thursday was mostly a horrible day, but ended on a FANTASTIC note. I had both of my large toenails removed due to a persistent infection (sorry if this is T.M.I.), and I can tell you for sure that podiatrists are LIARS when they tell you that it's perfectly fine to drive yourself home from this procedure, AND when they say that you can go back to work the next day (ha!), AND when they tell you that regular ol' tylenol will keep a lid on your pain (ha! again.) Not a great way to spend the day. BUT right before I went to bed, I checked my email and learned that I was the number 7 winner in the Fresh Modern Quilts flickr pool prize drawing!!!!! So now I am going to be the lucky recipient of the pattern and fabric to make this BEAUTIFUL PILLOW. Thanks again to Rossie from Fresh Modern Quilts, Malka at Stitch in Dye, and all the other great people donating prizes for this giveaway!!
Here's to a wonderful weekend that will hopefully include drinks on a sun-drenched patio in the backyard!

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