Tuesday, December 21, 2010

because I need another project

No. Not really. I don't.

But due to a convergence of several factors...

1. My new car (well, 7 months old) wouldn't start in the garage today.
2. Said car was towed to the dealer to fix the problem of not starting.
3. Said car immediately started just fine for the mechanics (of course).
4. Browsing through a shop full of beautiful handmade items can usually improve a bad mood.
5. I had an hour to kill waiting for kid #2 to finish at her volunteer job.
6. The cutest stitchery shop is located oh so close to the previously mentioned volunteer job.
7. I hadn't visited this stitchery shop in a very long time.

...I ended up browsing at Welcome Stitchery.

And we all know what usually follows browsing - buying. So I came home with these new patterns and the fabric to start on one of them...

Just so you know, I mustered up some unbelievable restraint and did not buy the patterns for these two fun projects...

I'm gonna try and implement that rule about "not starting a new project until the current one is completed." Well, at least as far as cross-stitching is concerned. That's pretty much a lost cause as far as quilting goes...


  1. I'm right there with you Shelley! Can't resist a lovely cross-stitch. Have just started a little one with Russian dolls. Despite the fact i have umpteen other projects on the go at the moment and no time to complete them in! I don't know how you resisted those samplers - they're fabulous!!

    have a fantastic Christmas and happy stitching!
    Danielle x

  2. Cute stuff! I know where I could put the "wheres the party" one:)
    When I was in around Halloween I wanted the Spooky one also, but I didn't buy it either because it was sooo expensive. Happy stitching...cant wait to see them finished.

  3. Good luck with that rule! I can't seem to accomplish it :)


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