Thursday, February 3, 2011

there's a first time for everything

Lists. I love lists. I can't function without two or three lists daily - inherited that gene from my dear mom :) I'll bets lots of you out there are list-makers, too.

But before January 2011 I had never made a list of planned quilting projects for the year. I was inspired (in this and many other quilty ways) by my friend Lorrie over at SewMod. She makes such a list every year, she is super-organized, and she never seems to have fifteen projects going on simultaneously. I believed a list would help me control my fabric purchases, prevent me from jumping on every quilt-along bandwagon that I came across, and provide the focus I seem to lack for finishing works-in-progress.

What do you know?! It kinda worked! I feel pretty good about what I accomplished...

January projects checked off:
January pillow class sample
New Wave quilt
February pillow class sample
Rows for SewMod exchange

But I did drop the ball on a few things...

January projects that are now February projects:
Italian Tiles quilt
Riley Blake Winter Snowflake quilt
Fresh Modern Bee January block

The list even helped me with that bit about quilt-along bandwagons! So far I've only succumbed to the Little Miss Shabby Birdie Stitches project. But really, how could I walk away from this cuteness (and pass up the chance to learn embroidery?)

Others that have sorely tempted me, but that I've been (barely) able to resist are the Cherry House quilt-along, the Blogger's Block-a-Palooza, and the Amy Butler Style Stitches Sew Along.

Before the list I would have beat myself up about all the things I didn't accomplish in January. But now I can see that I actually did get some pretty big projects finished, and I when tempted with new things I didn't cave every time... yet.


  1. I'm such a lists person too but I just can't quite bear to make lists of quilts to be made - I don't think I have the discipline!

  2. I'm a complete list-a-holic, but don't assign time-frames to my sewing projects (unless for a b'day or holiday gift) as I never, ever manage to meet them. I set the goal this year of doing something sewing related every day and that's helped me make steady progress.


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