Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Make It Work!

Do you Runway? We do here at my house! Next week starts the new season of Project Runway, and we are counting down the days. After last season's disappointing pick of... what was her name... bathrobe girl?... the one who wasn't Mondo....? Anyway, we are anxious to see all the wacky and wonderful designs the new group comes up with.

Quite a while ago, my LQS Quilt in Joy, got a bolt of this fabulous Project Runway fabric. Don't bother looking for it there now - it's long gone :( But I snatched some up so my youngest daughter could make a bag for her sister (who is planning to study apparel design and the one who got us hooked on this TV show!) We paired it with this bold stripe and now she's got herself a one-of-a-kind handbag!!

Outside pockets on both ends sized for cell phones, keys, measuring tape...

Just the right length straps attached with fun rectangle rings...

And straight pins on the lining! How perfect! More pockets sized just right for essentials - notepad, pens, lipstick...

We found the pattern here in Threads Magazine, Issue July 2008.

This has to be one of the least helpful set of instructions I've come across. I suppose if you are reading Threads magazine, there is a given level of sewing knowledge assumed by the writers, but these were some cryptic directions and photos. But we persevered since the bag is so darn cute and perfect for these fabrics.

Once again, my youngest has impressed the family with her sewing skills. Well done, Thing 2! Great job!

P.S. Since it's kind of tedious to keep typing "my oldest daughter" and "my younger daughter", from now on I shall refer to them here as "Thing 1" and "Thing 2". It's a shorthand system we use sometimes here at the house - not that they have particularly long names, but we do all share a fondness for Dr. Seuss and they find these nicknames sort of endearing. Not to mention it's another one of my pathetic attempts at ignoring reality and making them stay young forever...


  1. I think Thing 2 did a great job! Very Nice!!

  2. What a cute project for a future fashionista!

  3. Yes! So excited about Runway! And I seriously have no memory of last season's winner. None. I only remember Mondo. : )


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