Friday, December 2, 2011

can this quilt be saved?

I made an ugly quilt. A really ugly quilt. I'm not kidding. Just look at this disaster:

I'm in the process of fixing it. Not sure why I thought that orange was a good idea. When the fabrics were all piled together like this I thought they were lovely:

Tell me about your ugliest quilt. Maybe we should start a flickr group to share all our ugly quilt glory?

Or maybe I'm the only one?

I sure hope not. What a confidence-crusher that would be...


  1. Hello.
    I love the orange!!
    If the centres were plain or all the same it would be awesome.

  2. Actually I love it like it is. It's quirky and very eye-catching, definitely not ugly! xo

  3. make the middle strips of fabric and wow.

  4. I think the orange is fine. I would take the outer navy off and give it more orange in fact. I think the outer diamonds distract the eye from the central feature fabric...

  5. I would try using the dark blue as a frame around the print squares...the teal may work, too.

  6. I like the quilt except the center squares....


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