Thursday, December 1, 2011

waiting for spring

Unless you're a family member or close friend of mine you probably don't know this about me... I HATE winter. I can count on one hand the things about winter I enjoy:

1) Christmas Day
2) Turtleneck sweaters - but it doesn't technically have to be winter to wear them. I mean look at Diane Keaton in "Something's Gotta Give", right?
3) Hot chocolate with marshmallows - again, winter not required.
4) One single, solitary, minimal snowfall of 2" or less on a day when my entire family is home with no requirements to leave the house. Said snow must have disappeared by the very next day for this to count as an "enjoyed" item.
5)at this point I can't even come up with a #5

Everything else about winter - I've got absolutely no use for it. I often joke that I need one of those "SAD" lights, but maybe I need to stop joking and buy one - anybody out there use one?

Back to the point - this week I have an addition to my yard that has me longing for spring even more than usual: two new raised vegetable garden beds! Don't they look like they belong in a magazine?

A local genius handyman, Nick, built them for me this week on top of a platform we already had in the yard that used to be the base of a playhouse/potting shed/storage area.

Each bed is 8 feet by 5 feet with a 2 foot walkway separating the beds, and all cedar so it is rot-resistant, and we won't be poisoning ourselves with pressure treated lumber chemicals.

A one foot fence surrounds both beds to keep the rabbits out, and there are four lift-out gate sections - one at each short end of each bed.

Four cubic yards of rich garden mix soil covering a layer of chicken wire (to keep any burrowing varmints out), and I am ready for some planting!

I just have to get through this dreadful winter... sigh.


  1. The SAD lights help, but a big daily dose of vitamin D3 is even better. Love your beds.

  2. Your right, those did turn out beautiful. Your winter is going to drag by while your waiting to use those!

  3. I'm with you on your dislike for winter. As far as I'm concerned, snow is just another four-letter word starting with "s." Maybe you should try watching some "beach" movies and listing to summer songs.

  4. Just to let you know, i am sitting here at 10pm in a cotton sundress with the aircon on and the doors wide open to let the house cool down after a 37c degree day. I had a lovely swim in 30c pool at 5:30 pm so i didnt get sunburn by being outside earlier... Enjoy your snow/slush :p (my tomatoes fried on the vine if that makes you feel better)

  5. Your raised beds are gorgeous! I don't mind winter so much (she says from Wisconsin, where we have had unseasonably warm weather so far), although by March I'm more than ready for it to be over.


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