Monday, April 9, 2012

displaying my quilts

Whoa! That was a longer break than I had planned! I have been sewing, but kind of jumping around from project to project without making any real forward progress on any of them. But I do have a few things planned to show this week.

We've been planning a re-do of our living room, and just this past Saturday we got the walls painted. They were some variety of boring beige (with a more hip-sounding name that I can't recall, courtesy of that lucky-duck with the paint-naming job. Who does that job? How does one get that job? Sounds like a pretty good gig to me... but I have strayed off topic...) Now the walls are light, bright, and the color of whipped butter. The room faces north and was previously so dull and dreary that no one ever used it, but this new color is so lovely and inviting :)

Since I've made quite a few bright quilts, my husband decided to make a custom quilt ladder to display them in our redecorated living room...

Pretty amazing, right? The entire ladder is 4 feet wide and 8 feet tall. Each rung section is 2 feet wide, and they are spaced 18" apart to allow a large section of each quilt to be visible.

Just in case you want your dear someone to make a similar one for you, it was built with 1" x 4" by 8' maple boards stained lightly and covered with polyurethane. Each of the four dowels is 3/4" diameter by 48" long. It simply leans against the wall, and the weight of the quilts keeps it steady. The dowels are inserted into holes in the maple boards and secured with small screws drilled into the back of the maple boards.

I'll show you the rest of the room once all the furnishings are in place. It's going to see a lot of use from now on!


  1. You quilt ladder is awesome! So glad to hear all is well after your l.o.n.g break!

  2. Thanks for sharing--just what I'm looking for! (found you on Pinterest)


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