Monday, April 18, 2011

quilting meets Laugh In

So I'm really showing my age here, but doesn't this make you think of Rowan and Martin, Lily Tomlin, and Goldie Hawn??

This is a block for Lynne at Lily's Quilts. March was her month (yes, it is very late) in the Fresh Modern Bee. She asked for a block with NO straight seams. Only curves and wavy lines. Yeah, not so much fun for the left brained crowd.

I've had an apple core block template stashed in the drawer for a while, so I thought I'd pull it out and give it a shot. I knew that I wanted to put the bright orange and red on the block as appliqued flowers, so I cut out apple cores from the blues, greens, grey, and brown Kona solids Lynne provided. The print is a gorgeous one from Prints Charming - didn't she pick great fabrics?

Turns out that piecing this block on the machine was nearly impossible for me. So with complete [completely unfounded] confidence, I pulled out my trusty hand-sewing kit.

Slowest. Block. I. Have. Ever. Made.

Hence the missed deadline.

I hope you like it Lynne. It's a one-of-a-kind. My first, and last, apple core block... probably... But then again, it really kind of grew on me after those crazy flowers were added.

Anybody out there ever made a quilt of apple core blocks?  Any tips for me?


  1. Tips -- use the template to draw or cut your cores. Then pin 1/4 inch down at the corners and middle. Then, since you probably really know what a 1/4 inch looks like, just guestimate and start sewing. They go together really fast this way. BYW -- I really like your block and the flowers add a lot. They must be apple blossoms!

  2. You've done a fabulous job and I love the flowers!

  3. Love curves!! That looks really good!

  4. It's really cute! I think I had a dress like that print in 5th grade...

  5. It may have been slow, but the results are fantastic! It does have that laugh in vibe.


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