Tuesday, April 26, 2011

why do I keep making baby girl quilts?

You'd think I'm expecting a sudden deluge of baby girls, when in fact the opposite is true. Well, not exactly a "deluge", but two baby boys this summer! Yet all the baby quilts I have been churning out are most definitely "girly".

Last week I posted about this super-quick pattern here, and yesterday I got the binding on and some photos snapped before the latest round of April showers...

The backing is pieced with all of the leftover charms and a Moda Marble Dot in Lemon. The straight line quilting I did really shows up in this photo. Easy and quick is the theme of this pattern, and straight line quilting fits that description.

But I couldn't resist putting some flowers in the cornerstones. I machine-stitched the binding down in the back since it is for a baby and will likely see lots of time in the wash.

I'm still not thrilled with that wide yellow first border :( I reworked the pattern last week to include a much narrower first border, while still maintaining a good size piece in the center to show off a focus fabric. The new pattern also yields a slightly smaller quilt - around 40" square. Perfect size for a baby quilt, but I'll only need one width of backing fabric - even quicker and easier!!

Check in next week and I'll (hopefully) show you the revised pattern and give you all the details.

Only three more days till the big wedding! Who is getting up early to watch? We are already up very early at my house, so I'll only be setting my alarm about 30 minutes earlier than normal. And yes, I am being a complete geek about this, but I remember watching Charles and Lady Di get married when I was a teenager. Seems only fitting to watch this one too. Will you be watching?


  1. Shelley - I really LOVE this quilt pattern for my pregnant girlfriend (baby girl on the way!) This definitely changes my plan for her quilt.

    BTW - Of COURSE, I'll be up watching the wedding!! Love watching Charles (the big nerd) and beautiful Lady Di get married way back when. Can't wait to watch her precious little boy (teehee) while sipping my cup o' tea.


  2. So cute!
    My cousin and her hubby are staying over so we can all watch together! I remember the neighbor kids, my sister, mom and I all watched the Di/Charles wedding when I was little too.
    I'm breaking out the Liberty of London tea pot and cups to make my Harney and Sons Royal wedding tea and having scones, lemon curd, devonshire cream and chocolate croissants. You and the girls are welcome to join us!

  3. What a sweet quilt! I like the yellow border, it's sunny. My family all watched Charles and Diana getting married. I wont be watching this one but am looking forward to the magazines afterwards to see all the dresses and flowers etc.


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