Friday, April 26, 2013

the Liverpool Tunic

It's finished and looks exactly as I'd hoped!

I ended up cutting the entire garment on the XS lines, and though there are a few things I will tweak the next time I make it (yes - I'm going to do it again!) it fits very well for a first-time-through go at a commercial pattern. How's that for luck?

Things I will tweak next time:
  • Amy's not big on trimming seams, and that is a must-do with this pattern - especially the collar stand.  I've made a note to trim the collar, shoulder/arm, side and sleeve seams.  She tells you to zigzag stitch or serge the edges, but not trim.  Go figure...
  • The bust darts need to be moved up about 1/2" - 3/4".
  • Leave the belt off.  The torso is fitted enough that it's not necessary, and it only adds a big knot in the middle of my back when I sit.
  • Maybe forget about the cuff buttons for the 3/4 sleeve length option.  I don't think they are a really noticeable feature for all the extra work required, and the cuffs aren't that big around to begin with.
  • I'm going to find some decorative buttons for the front.  The self-covered ones are okay, but I can still see a hint of their metallic shine through the fabric.  I thought of interfacing the button fabric first, but I think that would be too bulky.  Anyone else ever tried that or have a better solution?
  • The buttonholes and buttons need to be moved up (toward the collar) about an inch.  They're right on the line of acceptable now without wearing a cami underneath.  I should have tested that before I sewed and cut the buttonholes... live and learn.

I'm planning to use this fabric for my next Liverpool Tunic: Sketchbook in Spring from Amy Butler's Alchemy line.  Very spring-like, huh?

This pattern would also be very cute made up into a long-sleeved fall season tunic of fine wale corduroy or a velvet to pair with leggings. It comes with markings for short, 3/4 and long sleeves, as well as overall length options for shirt, tunic, short dress, and long dress.

An update on Miss Scarlett - sadly, she can never be my exact body double. Her neck and shoulders are a bit too thick and are not adjustable. But the rest of her is adjusted properly and works just fine for skirts :)


  1. Yay! It looks fabulous -- and OMG you are TINY!
    That blue floral AB will be lovely, too.

  2. I have that pattern and fabric all cut out (for about a year or so now!) but haven't got any further. This may be the push I need, although I'm most definitely an M and not an XS!!

  3. Like LIQ (above), I've had this pattern cut out (in won't be sewing it up till fall, now). Thanks for the tips...believe me when I say I won't be using size XS, though. HA! I've actually considered the AB sketchbook for a spring/summer version as well. I love that fabric! You look adorable in the tunic, btw!


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