Tuesday, July 31, 2012

vacation sewing

Last week I took a vacation trip up north to Michigan with my family. We had many important decisions to make each and every day such as "beach or pool first?" and "where will we eat dinner tonight?"

I took a little bit of hand-sewing to work on, and here's what I accomplished...

36 of these little guys. I've never made them before, but I think they turned out grand. Recognize any of the fabrics?

Stay tuned for the project in progress...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sunburst baby quilt details - Part 2

If you're just joining me for the Sunburst baby quilt tutorial, see Part 1 here.

*** EDITED January 12, 2016.  Please note that in order for these instructions to work you MUST use the Stack-n-Whack 15 degree Fan Ruler.  Other 15 degree rulers have different top and bottom dimensions, and using them will potentially result in a much smaller or even non-existent center circle opening when all your wedges are sewn together. ***

Part 2 starts now! We're ready to start piecing the circles. Layer a background wedge with a colored wedge...

Monday, July 9, 2012

Sunburst baby quilt details - Part 1

As promised, I've got some details for you about the way I constructed this quilt top. The blocks are basically a variation of a Dresden Plate. But the entire block (with the exception of the center circle) is pieced into a square, rather than appliqued on to a background.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Sunburst baby quilt

You can find Part 1 of my instructions on how to make this quilt here.

A new baby quilt top is finished...

The colors and pattern were inspired by these photos of the deck chairs at Universtity of Wisconsin - Madison...

The new mom is a big fan of these chairs and their sunburst patterns! The baby girl's nursery colors were chosen based on a gallery photo of these chairs, with chocolate brown accents added.

The quilt pattern was inspired by this fabulous quilt by Geta Grama. It just so happened that I was admiring this unique quilt when my husband asked me to make a baby quilt for his co-worker Jeremy (and wife Jill) who were expecting their first child. Jill directed me to the photos of these chairs as a color guide, and this pattern seemed a perfect fit :)

Serendipity. I just love that word.

P.S. Check back next week for more details on size and construction.


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