Friday, October 15, 2010

It's looking like a kaleidoscope!

We've been having the best fall weather in Northern Illinois! Sunny skies, warm temps, beautiful color... I don't remember ever having a better fall. Consequently, time has been whooshing past and not a lot of sewing has been happening.

The layout for my One Block Wonder kaleidoscope quilt was finalized at our last class session late in September. It took quite a bit of fidgeting and fussing, placing blocks on the design wall, tossing them on the floor, and repositioning them to arrive at a final decision. I haven't yet thought of a name, but I love all the movement and color!

Once all the blocks were pinned and the rows labeled, I transported it home and tacked it to the design wall. Just this week I finally got all the columns sewn together. These are a few shots of my favorite sections. That peacock color is so vibrant!

Love these "bubble" flowers...

And this shot makes me think of the tropical storm radar maps on the weather channel. The one purple/white/green block is just churning out all kinds of activity :)

Next week is supposed to be cooler, so I suspect more sewing will be happening... in between leaf-raking :)

Have a wonderful weekend! I know I will - my parents are coming for a visit!


  1. It's looking fabulous Shelley, I thought it was very clever of you to pick that gorgeous fabric in the first place, it is turning out wonderfully. xo

  2. PS, so glad you guys are having great fall weather. We are supposed to be in spring and have just had another icy snap with snow flurries in some parts of Victoria!!!

  3. Gorgeous! I did wonder how (not "if" BTW; knew you'd come up with something splendid) all those bold hexagons would fit together. It's great to see it coming together!

  4. I LOVE this quilt!!! Your blog is wonderful - thanks for the inspiration!


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