Monday, January 10, 2011

quilting the New Wave/circling the globe

Finally after many starts, stops, frustrations, and exasperation, the New Wave is quilted!!

I used an all over free-hand design of swirls - large, medium and small - to fill the entire top edge to edge.

Thread on top is King Tut variegated (40 wt) in Crushed Grapes; bottom thread is one of the purples (50wt) from Connecting Threads. Paige (my machine quilting guru friend) suggested in a recent post of hers here, that a lighter weight thread in the bobbin can make for a more successful machine quilting experience on your home sewing machine. And she was right!!

It took me SIX FULL BOBBINS to get this baby finished - SIX!!! I've never used that much thread before on a single quilt top. So much thread in fact, that while I was quilting (and filling bobbin after bobbin after bobbin) that I'm sure it must circle the globe at least three times!

Someday I'll give you the whole sad story about how I marked this quilt three times only to have the chalk rub off -Ultimate Quilt Pounce and I are NOT on speaking terms. But for now, though my neck and shoulders are killing me, I'm just so giddy to have this task done and (I think) done pretty darn well.

And now I see lots of TV couch time in my week ahead to hand-stitch the binding :)


  1. Those fabrics are so beautiful, the swirly quilting suits them very well. Points to you for hand-sewing your binding ... enjoy your new quilt!

  2. You did a GREAT job on this Shelley! Aren't you glad you stuck with it...awesome!

  3. You've never used 6 bobbins before? 6 is usually a minimum for me. I start by winding 5 at the beginning, and always end up using 1-2 more. I should really just start w/6 and be done with it. The quilt looks great, it was worth all the trouble! Happy binding!


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