Thursday, March 3, 2011

gotcha covered

Miss Natalie has been busy in the sewing room again. This time she made a cute and functional covering for a composition notebook:

The outside completely covers the notebook and closes with a strip of velcro. Inside the cover there are two pockets on both the left and right sides. She used Michael Miller Hoopla Dot, Play Stripe, and Lava Light in the Spice colorway. The pattern is "Gotcha Covered #163" from This and That.

She was able to finish this project in a few hours the same weekend we purchased the pattern. The supplies call for both heavy and light weight fusible interfacings. We like to use Pellon Shir-Tailor for the heavy - I'm not sure it qualifies as "heavy weight", but it does the trick. A bit of gathering is called for on each side of the center band, but she skipped that part and opted to make the outside completely smooth and flat.

It's the perfect size to use as a sketching, travel, or quilt-planning journal. Oooh - that gives me an idea - use travel themed fabrics to make these journals and give as gifts! I predict I'll be sewing a few of these in my future :) The perfect use for those "Venice" fabrics from David Textiles that I've been eyeing! Or the Paris street map fabrics... the possibilities are endless...


  1. Very clever and handy to boot!

  2. That is so cute, good job. I have to make one, or more of those.

  3. love. it. how great! And a project I can complete in a day. thanks for sharing.


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