Tuesday, July 26, 2011

more Summer Sampling and a secret project

I'm still maintaining my "on-time" status with the Summer Sampler quilt along. This weekend and Monday I finished blocks 5, 6, and 7.

Number 5 is the Star block. I'm running low on my polka dot background, and I was unsuccessful in locating some more, so it's time to improvise! Turquoise dot background for this one. It's all paper-pieced, yielding great precision (which I LOVE) and great fabric waste (which I loathe, but I'm learning to live with it).

Block 6 is the Arkansas Traveler. In case you're wondering where these names come from, each set of block instructions comes with a little history of the block. Just click on the Summer Sampler button over in the sidebar for more information. I confess that I mostly skim over these historical bits; I'm primarily concerned with getting to the good part - the sewing!

The diamonds in this block were constructed with traditional piecing methods, and the background was added via paper-piecing. My block is a tad smaller that the 12.5" prescribed size (is 3/4" still considered a "tad"?) due to some problem printing templates directly from Google Docs. Of course a 1" check-your-template-for-accuracy-before-using line was provided, but did I use that? Um, no. Oh well, I'll just add a bit of sashing and all will be well :)

And the most current block is the Six Pointed String block. I did not piece my star triangle units as string blocks. I much preferred the look of solid triangles with my busy fabrics. I also used background piecing option #2 with 24 equilateral triangles used to compose a larger block that can then be trimmed to the 12.5" size. This one's the right size :)

And lastly, here's a peek at my design wall now. A super-secret birthday gift is in the works. Any guesses as to what this might become?


Thanks so much for stopping by and reading a little bit about me and taking the time to comment! Have a wonderful day!


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