Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Summer Sampler re-do

After seeing all the lovely Summer Sampler quilts in the flickr group with sashing, I was less and less thrilled with my quilt. It seemed like a jumbled mess with all the blocks all scrunched together. So I ripped it all apart again and added some 2" finished white sashing with cornerstones:

Now all those lovely blocks can breathe and stand apart on their own. Much better!

I'm not sure I've ever taken apart an entire quilt top; that was probably the most action my Jack the Seam Ripper has ever seen. It wasn't as painful as I thought it would be - probably because I did it at my SewMod Sunday sew-in group and had lots of encouragement (and food and wine) from my friends :)

What's the biggest "un-sewing" project you've ever undertaken?


  1. I love your new version! I have a bee quilt to assemble this fall and really like the sashing/cornerstones to unify the many different blocks.

  2. I really love what you did - I sashed mine and also used cornerstones...and I think it does give some space to those big blocks which have so much going on. Great job (and wow - ripping it all apart! I commend you for that!!!)

  3. Very pretty quilt! The cornerstones were a great idea.

    I've never ripped out anything of that magnitude, or even close to it.

  4. Hi Shelley - my first comment failed - hopefully this will work! Looks lovely and definitely better with the sashing and the stones look wonderful too. Sorry you had to pull it all apart though! Worth the effort, however! My big pull apart project is still in the cupboard - a quilt almost entirely quilted before I decided I didn't like the quilting... Can't face it yet! Danielle x

  5. oh wow - That's commitment to excellence! :-)
    Good for you - the finished quilt is lovely & I really like your cornerstones. I had planned on doing that & then didn't, which I still think was the right choice for mine. But I love them on yours.


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