Tuesday, November 8, 2011

going directly from Halloween to Christmas

Just like the retail world around us, I have shifted overnight from Halloween to Christmas mode. Right after I finished my Halloween Confetti table runner I started working on this Christmas door banner. It's a Nancy Halvorsen pattern that I've been wanting to make since I saw the sample in a trunk show of hers last year. So sorry for the poor photo quality - very dreary days do not make for great photos :(

The main pattern is from her book Tidings, and is actually featured on the cover. I wasn't crazy about the capital block letters on the original, so I used the letter patterns from another book by Terry Atkinson, Fat Quarter Fonts. I had to fidget with the scale of those charm-size letters, increasing them 130-140% until they fit just right. I fused them to the background using Heat N Bond Lite, and then used a machine blanket stitch around all the raw edges.

Now I just need to quilt, bind, and add some fun red buttons to it before November 27 - the day I'm scheduling for Christmas-ifying the house. I'm going to hang it from a door in my foyer hallway so we'll get to see it everyday!

Just curious - does the sudden retail switch to full Christmas mode bother you? I don't really mind it, as long as I'm not assaulted with all Christmas, all the time music in the stores until after Thanksgiving. What about you?


  1. Truth be told, I love it! I'm in Christmas mode the second the boys take off their Halloween costumes! Christmas music, Christmas books, Christmas crafting, bring it on! Now if I could just get my husband on board...

    I love your door hanger. I'm sure your family will love seeing it everyday!

  2. I agree with Melanie!
    But you probably already expected me to say that:)After Thanksgiving only Christmas music will be heard in my house and it!

    Your wall hanging looks great and I love that you switched to the whimsy letters.

  3. I got blasted with Christmas music on Saturday in WalMart, too soon for me. Love your banner.


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