Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dotty Stars

Have you noticed all the varied and beautiful projects all over blog-land and flickr lately using scraps? Me too. And I've been growing my own overflowing pile of scraps here with no earthly idea what to do with them until last week.

When I remembered this magazine...

Yep, had this pattern for quite awhile now just waiting to amass the scrap quantity needed to start in on it. Well folks, the scrap quantity required has been surpassed, so I dove in one day last week!

Three hours later - no joke, three hours - I finished this spectacular star block!

I gotta be truthful here, the first two hours and forty-five minutes of those three hours I was thinking to myself:

"Hey, maybe this whole scrap usage thing just isn't for me."
"I've got plenty of other projects using NEW fabrics that I could be working on right now."
"This is absolutely the first and LAST one of these blocks I'm making."
"This is so not worth my time!"

But then I finished it, and I noticed that most of the points actually matched and the whole thing was 18.5" square just as it should be. And I loved it. LOVED IT!

I love it so much that I even took it apart today to re-make it correctly. More on that next time (I have issues with actually reading directions - I much prefer illustrations.)

So yes, I'll be making more with the intention of actually finishing the project.  This year.


Well, probably...


Thanks so much for stopping by and reading a little bit about me and taking the time to comment! Have a wonderful day!


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