Tuesday, February 14, 2012

orange Dotty Star

I love to have several projects going at once so when I'm bored with one, I can move on to another for a couple of days. But right now there are so many things in progress that the piles are starting to bother even me!

One thing I did manage to finish last week is this orange Dotty Star. Even though it seems to take forever to cut all the pieces for one block, I just love how they are turning out!

I added a lot of yellow and a little bit of pink to liven it up, and I think I'll use that same strategy for the rest of the blocks. A little yellow always makes things more cheerful!

Don't they look great as a pair? Two down, seven to go. Little half-square triangles are piling up everywhere!


  1. I love these blocks!! Where is the pattern from??

  2. I love these Shelley! Are you doing a different colour for every block? Can't wait to see how they all look together!


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