Wednesday, May 2, 2012

college quilt top completed

The quilt top for my college-bound girl is complete! She laid out all the blocks to her liking, and I think she did a fabulous job evenly balancing the lights and darks.

The pattern is "Green Glass Door" by Blue Underground. The finished size of this quilt is 78" x 87" which I thought was big enough for a dorm-sized bed. But I've just learned that dorm beds are 80" long! So I think we're going to add a 7" or 8" strip to the top edge of the quilt to add some needed length. Maybe a near solid in a darker teal, or a strip of a bigger patterned print bordered by some 1.5" width strips like all the blocks. I don't think either will look too out of place, since the top will be covered by a pillow most of the time, but if you've got a different idea let me know ASAP!

There are lots of Amy Butler prints from a few of her fabric lines in this quilt - Daisy Chain, Midwest Modern 2, and Lark. Also a little Joel Dewberry Modern Meadows, and of course Kaffe - shot cottons and prints. A nicely blended hodgepodge of teal and turquoise :)

I'm sending it out to be quilted - this thing seems huge to me! It's the largest quilt I've made to date. As I was crawling around on the floor pinning the last long seam I thought to myself, "this is why you haven't made a king-sized quilt for your own bed!"

It definitely needs a name. So far I'm drawing a blank...


  1. It's beautiful, Shelley! How about naming it "Oh the places you will go". What if you framed the strip that you are adding to the top, so that it is similar to the blocks in the quilt. The added strip is a great idea. What a stunner!

  2. That quilt is so striking and awesome!!

  3. I love your fabric selection for this quilt, and your daughter has a great eye for balance and design!!

  4. I assume another full row of blocks is out. Sharon's suggestion of framing the strip you're adding is a great idea. You could take it a step further and do something extra special within that strip - embroider her name and college and the year, for example, or a special quote. Maybe a light colored solid fabric inside the frame, signed in special permanent fabric marker by all of her friends from home. (If you do this, have them sign it BEFORE putting it into the quilt, and iron freezer paper to the back so it's easier to write on.) If that extra piece becomes a feature rather than an afterthought, you might be happier with the final look.


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