Friday, April 5, 2013

adventures in garment fitting

This week I began working on a new apparel sewing project...

The Liverpool Tunic pattern from Amy Butler. Included with the pattern are four hem length and four sleeve length options. I am making the tunic length with 3/4 cuffed sleeves - as shown in the photo on the pattern front. The fabric I chose is from Amy's Alchemy line - Victoriana in Port. I particularly like the spring flower colors against the wine colored background. It should be perfect with jeans!

This is Miss Scarlett. She is my body double; a Christmas gift from my dear husband. On Christmas Day we adjusted all her dials to conform to my particular measurements, and then she stood sentinel in the sewing room until this week when she was called up for active duty - actual garment fitting!

The multitude of measurement charts on the pattern back indicated that I am a size extra-small from the shoulders to the waist, and a size small from the waist down. No problem - I adjusted by cutting accordingly and happily began sewing away. Fast forward to step 6 in the pattern construction directions, and I've got two tunic fronts and one tunic back all full of completed darts and I'm ready to close up shop for the night.

I think, "I'll just pin these pieces to Miss Scarlett and get an idea of how fabulous this garment is going to look when finished!"


But they don't fit - the bodice is too small!! Arrggghhhh!

Now it's time to make dinner, and I'm fuming about how I've wasted all this time and money on a garment that I won't even be able to button! I should have made a muslin first!

The back panel is stretched so tight across both the waist and shoulder areas...

And the front panels are waaaay too tight across the bust. After a very brief mental hissy-fit, I convinced myself that I could let out the darts a bit and take 1/4" instead of 1/2" seams all around, and maybe it would be okay. Tomorrow.

The next morning I'm ready to tackle these fit issues, and I try the pinned garment on myself. Well, what do you know?! It actually fits me! And the bottom half is actually a bit too big. Oh, happy day - I haven't wasted time and money, and I will be able to wear this!

Lesson learned here: After adjusting your dress form to your measurements, take an actual tape measure and confirm that the dress form is in fact your body double. That and yeah, I probably should have made a muslin first.

Miss Scarlett is NOT my body double. But she will be after her dials are re-adjusted, and she then endures a very thorough measuring session. We girls just love measuring sessions, don't we?


  1. So glad that is is going to work out! I have that pattern....all cut out in corduroy...never go to it and now it's spring and I'm not interested. I don't have a body double and am wondering how mine will fit. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished the style!

  2. Glad this is working out for you in the end! And happy I'm not the only one struggling with this pattern and regretting that I skipped the muslin step.

    Mine has been hanging in the sewing room closet for well over a year (two? I've lost track) waiting for me to gather fortitude for a re-fit attempt. It may be time to dig it out and take another look...


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