Wednesday, April 13, 2016

modern building blocks 2, 3, and an outsider

Continuing my earlier post documenting my Modern Building Blocks quilt, I've got three more large quilt blocks to show you.  The published pattern includes only one 30" block, but my king-sized layout requires two, so I enlarged a block from Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine Issue #21 designed by Susan Standen at Canadian Abroad.

Originally published as a 14.5" block to use on a quilt block folder project, I chose this one to enlarge to 30" because of the 5x5 grid construction.  5 blocks x 6" each = 30".  Yay!  

After drafting the larger size and including my color scheme, I figured the component sizes I'd need.  This is one of my most favorite parts of the quilting process - the quilt math!  Does anyone know if this block pattern has a name?  I didn't find one in the magazine's instructions.

The other two blocks I have to show you are from the original published Modern Building Blocks Pattern.  They both have super interesting names - here's Block 2 finishing at 36" square...

And Block 3 finishing at 30" square...

4 blocks down, 48 to go!

If you're planing to make this quilt I'm including some cutting and construction modifications I've used that seem to make the blocks more accurate and easier to cut and sew.

** Please note that I am not providing all the instructions here for making these blocks; you'll need your own copy of the pattern for a complete set of instructions to sew along.  I'm only providing information about how I modified the cutting and construction steps to make the blocks easier to sew and more accurate :)

Block 2 pattern cutting modifications
  1. A fabric: cut (7) 7.5" squares
  2. B fabric: cut (7) 7.5" squares
  3. C fabric: cut (10) 7.5" squares
  4. D fabric: cut (1) 20.5" squares
Block 2 construction modifications
  1. Make (10) A/C and (10) C/B HST units trimming all to 6 7/8'.  Combine these to make (10) C/B/A/C flying geese units pressing the center seam open.
  2. Make (4) B/A triangle units pressing the center seam open.
Block 3 pattern cutting modifications - 93 pieces!!
  1. Cut fabrics A, B, H, and I as directed
  2. C fabric: cut (10) 3.5" squares
  3. D fabric: cut (6) 3.5" squares
  4. E fabric: cut (2) 6.5" squares
  5. F fabric: cut (12) 6" squares
  6. G fabric: cut (8) 6" squares
Block 3 construction modifications
  1. Make (4) flying geese units with B and C.  Trim to 3" x 5.5"
  2. Make (16) F/G HST units.  Press (12) to F and (4) to G.  Trim to 5.5" square.
  3. Make (4) HST using D and C.  Press to D and trim to 3".
  4. Center 9-patch should measure 10.5" square unfinished.
  5. Corner H/I units should measure 10.5" square unfinished.

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