Monday, May 17, 2010

conquering the procrastination bug

My name is Shelley, and I am a procrastinator. Been one ALL my life. Sometimes I think I should just embrace it as part of the wonderful-ness of me, but most of the time I am trying to fix it. And I am only marginally successful at that.

But since joining an online mini-quilt swap, an online bee, and signing on for a row quilt exchange in my real-life sewing group, I am really going to have to buckle down and beat this bug!

Good news is that week one of Procrastinators Anonymous has gone quite well for me. Today I finished the top for my Modify Tradition Mini-Quilt Swap! Here's a sneak peek:

Hope my secret swap sister likes it!


  1. Oh my gosh, I am married to a procrastinator and it drives me NUTS. He has been choosing his new car for 18 months now. 18 months??? It's a car to get you from A to B. But look at your gorgeous and amazingly perfect block. Those points that meet left right and centre. Those fabulous colours and - go look at my blog - I have the same fabric on it TODAY. We're psychic fabric twins.

  2. Wow, that's beautiful Shelley, love those fabrics and look at those perfect points! Worth every minute of procrastination (I'm right there with you!!!) Danielle x

  3. *points and jumps up and down*
    It's Riley Blake!! I hope I am your sista ;) Love it!

    I can be a procrastinator as well but I find if I am really in love with what I am working on, that bug doesn't bite me...haha!

  4. wow, what a stunning block Shelley, I adore orange and green! I can be a bit of a procrastinator too sometimes, let me think about that tomorrow! xo

  5. Oh, that is some lovely colors !!
    I would just love to be your secret partner !!

  6. Love what you have done with the fabrics. Working on quilt for my sisters girl using the same fabrics. Also I have a sister called Elsie. Good lucK with the to do list looks like you are off to a flying start!


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