Thursday, May 27, 2010

Paintbox progress

I've managed to get all the left and bottom sashings attached to my blocks, although I did it a little differently than the directions from Elizabeth at Oh, Fransson! My quilt group friends advised me to add a bottom sashing piece to each block before arranging them. They thought that adding all the horizontal sashings in continuous strips would make it difficult and frustrating to make all the vertical columns line up correctly (and I'm all about making things easier!) Now after sewing the blocks into rows, and then sewing the rows together, all that will remain is to add one top and one right side piece of sashing. While I tried so hard to find a random color placement that satisfied me, this is the one that pleases me. First I threw all the blocks up in the air and let them flutter to the floor willy-nilly before positioning them. Then I dumped them into a big bag, mixed them up, drew them out one at a time and added them to the design board in that order. I tried a mirror-image layout. But in the end all those options just looked like chaotic messes to me!

I like neat and orderly, and this layout gives me that. Each block is paired with it's partner, and they are arranged in a sort of "snaking S" color spectrum (determined by the solid colors) starting in the upper right corner. We all know how much I love a color spectrum layout, and as much as I'd like to be a random, free-spirited, liberal thinker (with regards to color), I'm just not that kind of girl yet. If I could just get that right-brain of mine to work a little harder...

How would you have arranged this? How do you accomplish color placements that appear to be random, but still look harmonious? At this rate my entire house is going to look like Rainbow Brite has taken up residence here!



  1. I'm so with you Shelley, I don't know how to make random look good so I just go rainbow. It looks fabulicious though.

  2. Oh I love this! I just keep rearranging until I like what I see. I think I need a design wall :)

  3. It looks really good. The only thing I notice is that the two blocks on the left side (3rd and 4th in that column) read light and kind fo stand out among the surrounding darks. It could be the angle on the photo though.

    PS This kind of post is perfect for our Workshop (see it on my site or find us on Flick by searchign Workshop in Progress.)

  4. I don't know Shelley, I think your layout looks so beautiful and modern, I wouldn't change anything about it! Aren't design walls fabulous to help you see where you want to go with the quilt. As I said over in facebook land...I love the solids with the Kaffe fabrics, and that sashing makes it all pop, fabulous! xo

  5. It looks just gorgeous Shelley, I wouldn't change anything either! I have trouble with random too. I'm trying to picture how you did the assembly from your explanation - does it mean you didn't have any long strips of sashing at all (other than the top and right sides of the entire quilt?) Danielle x


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