Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My New Yellow Sewing Room

I recently moved my sewing room from the basement to a spare bedroom upstairs. I had a lovely room in the basement, also yellow, but it was so far removed from every other place in the house that I felt like I was quarantined. So I asked my wonderful husband about the switch, and since he always "buys my chairs"... he agreed!

He first had to reduce the size of my cutting/pressing table so that it would fit the new room's smaller dimensions. He made this table for me many years ago, and it is modeled after one that my grandmother used in her basement sewing room. She made lots of draperies, so her table was wide enough to accommodate a 54" bolt of decorator fabric and was 8 feet long! My table was also originally that big, but now it is about 4' x 5'... the perfect size to cut on one side and press on the other. The plywood top is covered with batting and then a layer of canvas "duck" cloth. I sprayed the canvas with water after stretching it over the top, and let it air dry to make sure the top surface was taut. It is so sturdy and practical!

He also made this great design wall (that is currently resting on the floor) for me. The base is some blue insulation boards (3/4" thick) from Lowe's, covered with a layer of polyester batting from who-knows-how-long-ago and then a final layer of Warm and White batting. The blue does not show through, and everything sticks right to it - no pins needed!

And this is my new sewing table from Regal (ordered from Quilt in Joy). I'm not sure how I ever lived without it! The top is big enough to hold a large quilt for quilting, and the rest of the time my daughters can have their machine set up on the opposite side. I'd like to show you my fabric stash, but it is the one part of the room still in need of organization. I have several plastic bins on some great shelving that my dad installed for me, but the stash has exceeded the bin capacity, so things are a little messy in the closet.
Now I just need to get some pretty things on the wall (and a decent pair of window shades!) and it will be a real studio! Needless to say, I am spending FAR more time in this new room than I ever did in the basement! It's so much more accessible, and I can still feel like I know what is going on in the rest of the house while I'm sewing.
Thank goodness for my wonderful husband!


  1. Very bright and happy looking space for creating!!
    ~ Jennie

  2. I love that you referred to your husband as always buying your chairs! I loved that show and know exactly what you are referring to. I have a hubby who always "buys my chairs", too.


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