Wednesday, June 23, 2010

we've been having fun... time flew

Wow - it seems I've been a slacker. A blogging slacker, a Fresh Modern Bee slacker, a SewMod slacker, and a flickr slacker. Oh well, my kiddos are home for the summer and we've been having fun!

I have finally managed to get my practice asterisk block done for Jennifer at That Girl, That Quilt for the Fresh Modern Bee group. The block was waaayyy easier than I had anticipated, so now I'm off to beat the end of June deadline with two blocks for her in these beautiful fabrics...

The two large pieces are the ones Jennifer sent (and I think I get to keep the leftovers - yay for me) and I added the dots from my stash.

This photo is of my two lovely girls, one of my SILs, and my parents between dance recital shows earlier this month. Yes, that is stage makeup you see, my girls don't wear false eyelashes on a daily basis :) Both girls dance ballet (C is on pointe, next year for N) and lyrical (a ballet/jazz combo). Their recital dances were just spectacular, with C having a solo during her pointe piece. When they were little I always stayed at the studio and watched their rehearsals on the closed-circuit TV, and therefore I knew the entire dance by heart. But now that they are older, the routine is drop-off, say "have fun, love you" and drive off to the next errand. So the dances are a complete surprise at the recital, and yes, it makes me very teary-eyed to see them on stage so graceful and poised.

We had great weather on Father's Day this year, so we headed into Chicago for an architectural boat tour on the Chicago River and Lake Michigan. Very touristy, but also very fun. And hey, sunshine with a cool breeze, your family together, and a great lunch... what's not to love about all that??

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  1. Looks like a lots of fun - your girls are gorgeous. Your block looks great. Did you see the Fat quarterly article on Cathy from Cabbage Quilts - she does some great Kaffe quilts. Looking forward to seeing your real blocks!!! Also looking forward to Karrie Lynn's blocks. X


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