Friday, July 2, 2010

I may have been a bit too literal...

but here is the backing (so far) for my Kaffe Crayon Box quilt. Get it? Crayons and coloring books... More Kona charcoal will be added to all four sides to complete this backing. Or maybe it will just become another quilt :)

Have a spectacular weekend!!


  1. Wow Shelley, that is a quilt front not a quilt back - this quilt is going to be so fabulous - what plans do you have for it? Keep it for you? A gift for a friend in a faraway land...?

  2. That is so beautiful! Your quilt is definitely going to be reversible...

    Jennifer :)

  3. Glorious! Not to literal at all, and just as spectacular as the "front."

  4. Wow Shelley...totally awesome! I'm such a fan of a full range of color! Really nice job! I can't wait to see it finished.

  5. This is fabulous Shelley, and way to good to be a backing, I think you need two quilts now!!! I love the idea of the crayons and colouring books. xo

  6. Wonderful backing. I love, love, love it!


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