Wednesday, September 22, 2010

baby pinwheels finish and Kaffe quilt

Earlier this week I finished the baby pinwheels quilt top that I wrote about last time. The L'il Twister tool delivered what it promised, which was easy pinwheels. I even got over the amount of fabric waste caused by it's use :)

I was very unsure of this border before I sewed it on. My original plan was to use this fabric lengthwise (instead of crosswise as shown here) in order to show a unique complete flower stripe on each side of the quilt without cornerstones. But one look at that on the design board, and I knew that would be waayyy too overwhelming... the borders would completely overpower the pinwheels. There is still a LOT of pattern, and it's still growing on me, but I'm leaning towards being happy with it. The cornerstones were a definite necessity with all that busy-ness.

Not sure where this quilt will end up, but in the near term, it will be hanging at my LQS where I have a class planned for the October/November time frame.

On another note, my Kaffe Crayon Box is completely complete! I got it back from my genius long-arm quilter and friend, Paige, and got the binding on just in time for a local quilt show last weekend. The show was held at a nearby garden center, where the staff hangs all the quilts inside the greenhouses with lots of lovely flowers. It isn't a judged show, just a gathering of quilts made by local people. Every year it gets a little bigger, and a little better attended, but the main point is just to view all the pretties made by others in the area.

Now that it is back in my house, I've got to decide where to put it. I put some hanging tabs on the back, just in case... and we do have plans to re-paint and re-decorate a room... hmmm...


  1. Congratulations on the Kaffe Quilt. It looks fantastic.

  2. Love both of your quilts!

    I've been watching as you complete your crayon box quilt and so happy that you've completed it. It's gorgeous!

  3. I love the pinwheel quilt! I have both size tools, but have only used the little one once (to make a pillow). I love the look, and someday I'll get around to making something else with them.

  4. Shelly, your pinwheel quilt is adorable! Congats on hanging the Kaffe quilt at the show....what a great setting!

  5. Love how this quilt turned out! I just tried out the twister tool and just made a small wall hanging. It turned out totally perfect and I love it! I'm thinking of copying your quilt idea to make one for my daughter. Nice job!!!


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