Wednesday, September 1, 2010

but how does it go together?

Still making great progress on my hexagon piecing. Today's stats: 30 more completed bringing the total to 87 out of 114. Only 27 left to go... Good grief this productivity streak has got to be a record for me!!

Today I want to give you an idea of how this is all going to be pieced together to make a quilt top. The above photo shows how they will be laid out on a design board all nested together (this is not the final placement, just a random grouping to give you the idea).

Then when I've decided on the final arrangement, they'll be *carefully marked* and sewn together first into vertical rows. Sew together the rows and there you have it - a kaleidoscope quilt top - no sashing...

I'll still need to decide if I want to have any of these hexagons hanging off into the borders... the book shows several finished quilts that use this option, but right now I think "no". If not, then I'll have to trim some of these beauties (that I've been working so hard on) to make four straight sides before adding a border or two of who-knows-what-colors.

Here's Dixie - my sewing companion - making sure I'm doing everything right :) She also votes "no" to having things hanging off into the border.

What do you think?


  1. I actually like the idea of having them hang over. Would hate to waste all that work you've done!

  2. I'm leaning toward trim to a straight edge. But maybe not. I guess my vote is "wait and see," because I think it will come down to your border fabric choice (and you have so many great colors to choose from).

  3. when i did my OBW, i opted not to have anything hanging out into the border. mostly, i think, because i couldn't conceive how to easily make that happen, even if i wanted it to!


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