Wednesday, December 8, 2010

not sure about this one

I've been working on Oh, Fransson's New Wave quilt with these fabrics...

While they were laying all together like this I really liked them. But now that they are sewn together into this...

I am definitely NOT loving it. The section in the center with the Kaffe Painted Daisies, the Carla Miller stripe, and the two other purple flowers - well that part looks okay. But the rest - not so much. This is no reflection on the pattern, mind you. The pattern is wonderful :)

Maybe it's the blue. I'm not really a blue person.

Maybe it's the green Moda Grunge sashing - maybe it's too wide? Because there sure seems to be a LOT of green sashing.

Maybe this one is just destined to be one of those quilt tops that never makes it out of the work-in-progress pile.

Advice? Suggestions? Anyone?


  1. Finish it and send it to me? I think it's beautiful! Seriously, though... quilting it could change it completely. I wouldn't give up on it yet!


  2. I have looked at and thought about this pattern many times. But I always have thought the sashing over powers it no matter what the color. I really do like all your fabrics though.

  3. I agree with Andie - it the sashing were really skinny, I think this would work really well but its very dominant - on the other hand, do you have the energy to rip it all apart, shrink the sashing and re-assemble?!

  4. Keep going! As Jennie mentioned, quilting could transform the look and make it work. If you still don't like it, someone, somewhere will. Donate it to a charity quilt drive or to a fundraiser raffle. It's far too nice to give up on, even it if doesn't live up to your original expectations.

  5. Hmmmm... I think it is going to grow on you. I think it looks lovely.


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