Tuesday, February 8, 2011

crafting with SewMod (and a couple of canines)

I spent the day with Lorrie of SewMod making a couple of fun memo boards. This is my version using Amy Butler solids charm squares...


And this is Lorrie's using Moda Origins by Basic Grey charms...

We used the free pattern here at Moda Bake Shop. Both frames are open-backed 16" x 20" purchased at our local Michaels store. Foam core measures about 1/4" thick, and we used 18" wide cork on a roll rather than the squares shown in the pattern.

I love the colors of my board, but if I made another I'd definitely use print fabrics rather than solids. It was kind of difficult to get the front pieced section stretched around the foundation smoothly, and I think Lorrie's print fabrics hide any potential bubbles/ripples/puckers better than the solids. I have a stubborn wrinkle in one of my blue squares that is driving me crazy - guess that one will always have something pinned on top of it :)

Another modification I would make next time is to replace one of the fusible fleece layers with a layer (or maybe even two layers) of all cotton mid-loft batting - mine seems like it could use a tad more "puff" or thickness.

It's a good idea to make this project with a friend, because there were times when we needed four hands for stretching and hot-gluing. Another lesson learned: never try to iron your fabrics or fusible fleece while they are on top of the cork. Can you say "moisture absorption", "buckling", and "do-over"?

These were our "helpers" for the day. Mine (on the right) is used to spending her days lounging on the rug in front of the patio door, so the play date really wiped her out. But it cured her cabin fever!


  1. That's a great pic of the pups!

  2. Too cute girls! I have a bunch of frames from garage sales that I've been planning on painting and doing something like this with. We'll have to try this as a group project!


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