Monday, February 25, 2013

chipping away at the list

I am making progress on my UFO list! Last week I finished the backing for two big quilts and off they went to be quilted.

First is "Rear Window". This is the quilt I had started in February, 2012, when Thing 1 decided she'd like these same color fabrics for her college quilt. Needless to say, I put these blocks aside (which were nearly all complete) and worked on her quilt. A couple of weeks ago my friend Andrea came to sew for the day, and I finally finished it!

While I was working at Quilt in Joy, we had a Blue Underground trunk show, and this is one of their quilts we had hanging in the shop. I loved it so much I copied as many of their fabric choices as I could for my version. I guess it's not really a "version" if it's a near 100% copy, but you know what I mean. It finished at 66" x 81" - nearly twin sized.

And finally my Twinkle quilt made with 168 unique bits of fabric, most of them Kaffe and cut by my good friend Sharon :) I've had this huge quilt top (84" x 98") finished since last fall, but kept putting off piecing the backing because I didn't want to wrangle with the nine yards it required! But now it's done and waiting patiently in line to be quilted by Carol. I stepped out of my comfort zone choosing the quilting thread for this one - magenta! I do love that color, and there seems to be quite a lot of it in the fabrics, so rather than going with the safe blue or green thread, I took a leap. It will either be fabulous or a lesson learned... we'll see!

So I guess I'm still holding steady at 28 UFOs, but these two have moved much closer to dropping off of that list! Enjoy your week, and go sew something :)


  1. Both are beautiful, but my favorite is the "Twinkle" quilt. Of course, I love Kaffe fabrics but it's an interesting pattern too and your choice and placement of fabrics was wonderful. Can't wait to see it all quilted up.

  2. For a moment I thought you were confessing that the blue quilt for your daughter had landed in the UFO pile, but was sure I'd seen pics of the finish. Mystery solved. Twinkle is lovely, magenta thread is a good choice.

  3. Your Twinkle quilt looks amazing - I love the balance you have managed to get in the values across the quilt. I'm really looking forward to seeing the effect of the magenta quilting. It sounds great!

  4. Oh, both of these are just gorgeous. I'm filing the block design of 'twinkle' away for future inspiration, but I'll never have these gorgeous fabrics with which to make one !

  5. Both are so pretty, Shelly! I especially like the Twinkle interesting and yet calming. Your fabric choices are wonderful!


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