Friday, February 1, 2013

UFO busting

Ah, Pinterest... how I love thee. I stumbled across a pin from Pat Sloan's blog yesterday that called out to me.

Busting UFO's? I'm interested!

12 tips (aka steps)? I'm very interested!

I have quite an accumulation of UFOs that mostly cause me guilt, so I decided to dive right in and bust through them along with Pat. She seems like a fun and funny gal with project hoarding tendencies similar to mine, so who better to share the pain?

The first step is "Knowing What You've Got" which involves making a list. I excel at compiling lists - it's an inherited trait, right, mom? ;) Then I got to categorize the list into five separate lists! Woo-hoo! I am so on board with this.

So here we go with categorization of my 30 UFOs...

Group A - Almost Done! Really Want to Finish!

1. Sunburst baby quilt for teaching - deadline February 15!
2. Dotty Stars needs a label - easy peasy.
3. Twinkle - needs backing sections pieced and then off to the quilter.
4. SewMod row quilt - finish applique borders, then off to the quilter.
5. Green and teal baby quilts for church donation - quilt and bind these myself.
6. Spools quilt with Lorrie - applique borders, then quilt off to quilter.
7. Kaffe colored pencils needs a pieced backing then off to quilter.
8. Christmas pillow tops (2) - quilted and backs added.

Group B - Almost Done but Do I Want to Finish?

1. BOM table runners/toppers (2) from QIJ 2009 - GIVE AWAY!
2. Red hand-pieced sampler from late 1990's - GIVE AWAY!

(This is a short list because if I've lost interest, the project rarely gets to the "almost done" stage)

Group C - Partially Done but I LOVE it and Want to Finish

1. Tree of Life pieced
2. Tree of Life applique
3. Kaffe floral snowball
4. Rear Window
5. Fresh Modern Bee stars
6. Laundry Basket Quilts batik house table runner

Group D - Partially Done but Do I Really Want to Finish?

1. Yellow/orange batik placemats (2)
2. Picnic quilt
3. Sunflower wreath applique/embroidery
4. Grandmother's Window applique (3 of 12 completed)
5. "Merry Christmas" door banner

I'm not sure what to do about these items yet. They might be give-aways to friends or they might be moved to Group C before this UFO busting 12 step program is complete. Right now I'm awaiting further instruction from Pat regarding this category.

Group E - Barely Started and No Interest

1. Batik log cabin diamonds - I actually tossed these out!!!

I took a class with Flavin Glover at the IQF in Chicago in 2010, and finished only 8 of these blocks. The many dozens of remaining pre-cut strips have been neatly organized for almost 3 years now, but I'm never going to pick up this project again, so into the bin they went.

Group F - Partially Done, Don't Love but Keep for Gifts/Donations

1. Twister pinwheel Christmas pillow
2. Baby girl lava flowers quilt
3. Twister pinwheels "Hideaway" baby quilt
4. Dresden color wheel pillow
5. Amy Butler 16" pillow w/coral cording
6. Summer Sampler coordinating dresden pillows (2)
7. Zippy strippy bags (2) - brown w/birds
8. Christmas table toppers (2) Birds & Blooms

This last grouping was my idea - I like having a small stash of things that can be quickly finished for donations or small "thank-yous" to just the right person :) Sort of like a "gift stash" that people sometimes keep on hand.

And if you're thinking, "wow - that girl has got 30 UFOs!" you're right - that is a LOT of UFOs - but I'm already down to 29 because I tossed one out! And Pat has 42! You can see her categorized list here.

Sorry for the text-heavy posting; list making is wordy work! I think Step 2 is going to involve prioritizing, but I feel like mine are already in rank order, so I'll spare you any revisions.

Have you made a formal count of your UFOs? Think you can beat my total? I dare you!


  1. Tossed!????!

    How will you ever get a Kitchen Sink quilt made if you TOSS your orphans and extras and unwanted miscellaneous? Find an empty project bin, label it "Kitchen Sink" and start putting stuff in it!

    (Hopping over to Pat's blog right now, to check it out. I've been avoiding counting my UFOs for over year. Maybe this will encourage me to face them.)

  2. What a great system! At the beginning of January I did up a list of WIPs and new projects that I wanted to work on this year and thought I was maxed out when I counted just over 20, but you are making me feel really good. :) p.s. I love making lists too!

  3. It seems so many quilters are wanting to get those UFO's into the "finished" catagory...including me! I enjoyed reading about your busting process! Carry on!!


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