Friday, January 24, 2014

field of tulips

My bear paw blocks have been transformed to a field of tulips...

Maybe I'm just really, really yearning for spring, but I love this layout!

There will be 31 blocks in the final quilt top, and I've got them all sewn together. Here are the final seven blocks...

I'm still not completely decided on the sashing, but it will definitely include the red I showed you last time - it just feels right to me :)

I hope you are warm and safe where you are. It's going to be quite a few more days until our wind chill factor climbs above zero, so I'll be staying tucked inside my house as much as possible :)

Happy Weekend!


  1. It's looking beautiful, Shelley. It reminds me of a soft Spring Day. Can't wait to see your progress on it. Stay safe!

  2. You're right they do look like tulips arranged like this, beautiful


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