Friday, January 31, 2014

tulip update

I wish I had more progress to show you on this quilt, but it's been slow-going here in the sewing room this past week. I've been working on a little hand embroidery project for my LQS and trying to finish that up and get the directions written. I'm excited to show it to you next week - it's a Valentine project!

As I wrote last week, I really wanted to use some red in the sashing for this quilt, and lucky me (!), I found the perfect one buried deep in the red drawer. Red with pink dots - yes, please!

A little bit of red goes a long way here (and that's a good thing because I've only got a fat quarter of those dots), so I bordered each block with 1.5" of the background fabric (Kona cotton in Snow) and added the red as 1.5" finished cornerstones.

I've got each diagonal row sewn together, and now I'm putting the side and corner setting triangles on to make the whole thing rectangular. I haven't decided if I want to add a border or not. If yes, it will probably be something very simple - more Kona Snow with a teeny red flange, or possibly a simple row of 4-patch blocks on the top and bottom to elongate the whole thing.

Oh, and I'm sooo thankful that someone has already figured out the math for calculating how to cut those side and corner triangles and published the formula. My go-to quilt reference book, Better Homes and Garden's Complete Guide to Quilting, even contains a handy chart! And people think they'll never use math after high school...


  1. Oh, I just LOVE what you've done with the red - much more effective than a completely red sashing. This is beautiful!

  2. I love this quilt and think the red is perfect! It's such a wonderful quilt so far and I'm anxious to see the finished quilt.

  3. Love it as a quilt but it would also be beautiful as a drape


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